Welcome to the website for the local Reiki TUMMO community in Crystal Coast, NC. You can find out more about the activities that are happening in our group by following the links above. We often hold community gatherings and Reiki TUMMO workshops here in Crystal Coast.

Reiki TUMMO combines Reiki, Kundalini and the Spiritual Heart for improved health, happiness, and spiritual growth. For more detailed information about the Reiki TUMMO spiritual practice visit ReikiTUMMO.com.

 "All  truth  is  in  your  heart,   not   in   the   physical   heart,  but  in  the core  within  yourself  where  your  true  self  resides.  To  access  that  truth  you  must  open  your  heart  and  Reiki  TUMMO  can  help  you  do  just  that.  When  you  learn  Reiki  TUMMO  you  are  introduced  to  energy  channeling  for  healing,  but  also  as  a  tool  to  lead  you  into  your  heart  so  you  can  learn  directly  from  your  heart,  rather  than  from  others."

-Irmansyah Effendi M.Sc (founder of Reiki TUMMO)